ACS SEED sampling core

Nahum and Bawi did an excellent job of sampling Ordovician drill core from Ben Datillo’s lab at IPFW.

Welcome ACS Project SEED interns

Bawi Sung and Nahum Gerezgher are both American Chemical Society Project SEED interns in our lab this summer. Bawi is studying Ordovician carbonates and Nahum is studying iron chemistry of a northern Indiana lake. Both are doing an awesome job.

Bawi Sung (foreground) and Nahum Gerezgher (background) homogenizing samples.

New DTT paper is published!

Congrats to Martin Kurek who recently published his undergraduate research project in Chemical Geology. We developed a method to use a reducing agent (DTT) to extract elemental sulfur. Nice job Martin! You can download a full copy of the article from the following link for free until April 13, 2018. Kurek et al., Chemical Geology, 481:18-26, 2018.

New sulfide-films method published!

Check out our films method that was published in Marine Chemistry.

We demonstrate that photographic film can capture the spatial concentrations and stable isotope compositions of dissolved sulfide from water columns and pore waters. These films can be used in a wide variety of environments such as our study of the highly dynamic production and oxidation of hydrogen sulfide in the mud of the seagrass meadow shown below.

Example of film deployed in seagrass bed. Photo by Roy Price.

Midwest Geobiology Symposium at IUPUI

MWGB 2017 was a lot of fun. We had an excellent collection of talks and posters from several schools throughout the Midwest. Generous support from the Agouron Institute, School of Science, and the Department of Earth Sciences made this event possible. Special thanks goes to Lisa Pratt from IU Bloomington for her keynote address about the future of space exploration.