Sao Francisco Craton, Brazil

Sao Francisco Craton
The São Francisco Craton is composed of Archean to Paleoproterozoic metasedimentary sequences. The meta-sediments are particularly exciting because they are of low metamorphic grade (blue schist) and initial observations have found disseminated pyrite, carbonates, and banded iron formations. We are characterizing sedimentary biosignatures using stable isotopes and trace metals.

Collaborators: Elson Oliviera (UNICAMP) and Alice Bosco Santos (University of Lausanne).


Bosco-Santos, et al., Euxinia in the Neoarchean: The starting point for early oxygenation in a Brazilian Craton, Precambrian Research 341, 105655, 2020

Bosco-Santos, et al., Neoarchean atmospheric chemistry and the preservation of S-MIF in sediments from the São Francisco Craton, Geoscience Frontiers,, 2022